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Columbia, SC


Robin Major-O was born and raised in Toledo, Ohio; where she spent most of her life with her family, up until her mid 20's. She earned her Associates Degree of Applied Sciences in 2006 and began working in the Operating Room before she realized that her true passion extended beyond the reach of the traditional hospital setting, and she needed something more. Robin went on to complete her Bachelors Degree in Organizational Management at The Forbes School of Business; in 2018, where she was challenged to be open to new opportunities,  and extend herself beyond her comfort zone of writing and mentoring leisurely.

In 2017, while attending school full time, Robin was honored to serve as the President of Wife Talk Publishing© , where she procured the hands on knowledge, and experience necessary to effectively lead a publishing company.

While serving as President, Robin received confirmation of her love for helping others accomplish their goals. Her passion for people, and sincere desire to help others win is the cornerstone of why she has answered the call to writing, mentoring and publishing.

Robin is the CEO and founder of One2Mpower and One2Mpower Publishing LLC, and has written and published eight books since 2018. All of her books have achieved global status selling in the United States, Japan, Germany, Canada. Korea and the United Kingdom.

Robin's heart for God and his people is what sets her apart, and demonstrates God's grace in her life as an author, publisher, speaker, mentor, and servant leader. Her personal mission is to help as many aspiring authors as possible, to turn their pain into purpose and share their stories.


Robin uses the transparent, tumultuous testimonies of her life as a catalyst for change; to empower others to heal, be delivered from, and overcome the traumas of the past, through her writing, speaking and mentoring. Robin has been resilient in overcoming real life situations that men and women face daily such as, domestic violence, sexual abuse, self-esteem issues, addiction and depression. Robin's mission is to empower others to pursue their passion, overcome their trials and thrive in life.

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