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Robin Major-Oliphant was born and raised in Toledo, Ohio; where she spent most of her life with her family, up until her mid 20's. She earned her Associates Degree of Applied Sciences in 2006 and began working in the Operating Room before she realized that her true passion extended beyond the reach of the traditional hospital setting, and she needed something more. Robin went on to complete her Bachelors Degree in Organizational Management at The Forbes School of Business; in 2018, where she was challenged to be open to new opportunities,  and extend herself beyond her comfort zone of writing and mentoring leisurely.

In 2017, while attending school full time, Robin was honored to serve as the President of Wife Talk Publishing© , where she procured the hands on knowledge, and experience necessary to effectively lead a publishing company.

While serving as President, Robin received confirmation of her love for helping others accomplish their goals. Her passion for people, and sincere desire to help others win is the cornerstone of why she has answered the call to writing, mentoring and publishing.

Robin is the CEO and founder of One2Mpower, and One2Mpower Publishing LLC and has written and published six books since 2018. All of her books have achieved global status selling in the United States, Japan, Germany, Canada and the UK.

Robin's heart for God and his people is what sets her apart, and demonstrates God's grace in her life as an author, publisher, speaker, mentor, and servant leader. She uses the transparent, tumultuous testimonies of her life as a catalyst for change; to empower others to heal, be delivered from, and overcome the traumas of the past. Robin has been resilient in overcoming real life situations that men and women face daily such as, domestic violence, sexual abuse, self-esteem issues, and depression. Robin's mission is to empower others to pursue their passion, overcome and thrive.

Demetris (Demi) Garrison and her husband Jonathan Garrison have been married for five years.  She is the mother of the late Equanna Shavelle Burton and has two bonus children, Kobe and Kiana, with her husband. The eldest of 10 brothers and sisters, she is originally from New Orleans, Louisiana, and currently resides in Austin, Texas, after being displaced from hurricane Katrina in 2005. Demi holds a bachelor’s degree in general psychology and an associate degree in ministry. She is a professional spiritual life and wellness coach at Faith Inspirational Coaching, LLC, and strives to encourage individuals to embrace the spiritual faith that leads them to a life of patience and hope. Demi serves as the assistant to the South-Central Regional Director for Wife Talk, a non-profit organization that ministers to married and engaged women and previously served as the community outreach coordinator for its domestic violence program, Safe Wife.

Demi’s mission and vision are to bring people closer to God by ministering the importance of spiritual faith. Demi wrote I Am Done to encourage readers on how life can change from negative to positive by simply changing how we think. 

“The tongue and our faith are what determines the outcome of our own life.”

- Demi Garrison

Allison Searson is an author, gospel singer, and songwriter who loves the Lord with all of her heart. Her projects include the 2020 release of two singles, “Urgency” and “Gonna Be Mine”. Finding Beauty in Disaster is her first published novel. Allison believes that it has a valuable message to everyone: “God will carry you through any situation if you would only cling to Him”. Allison is a native of South Carolina, where she serves as an elementary school teacher.

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Montgomery, AL

Mataya Wright Williams; the youngest of 5 children, was born and raised in Montgomery, AL. She spent most of her life in Alabama with her family, until she left for the Army after graduating high school. Mataya is married to Courtney Williams, Sr. and they have one son, Courtney Williams, Jr.  Mataya has a bachelor’s degree in Human Resource Management, three associate's degrees: Information Security, Maintenance Production and Transportation, and one Professional Management certification. Mataya serves as a chief in the United States Air Force where she serves on countless committees and councils to help serve the men and women in her purview and surrounding communities. She has been a wedding coordinator; for the past 10 years, notary public, owner of Girl Pals apparel, LLC. and serves as a board member of Fedmont Credit Union.
Mataya's vision is to serve the community on a broader scale by finding ways to bridge the gap between social, cultural and economic strides, one step at a time. Mataya's mission is to empower others to think big, dream big and tackle their aspirations without fear. 

"What others think of you should have less value than what you think of yourself."
-Mataya Williams

Dr. Leah Sledge      As a veteran public school educator with over 25 years of classroom experience, I have watched students have quick epiphanies with material being taught as well as watched other students struggle hard with basic understanding.  I have learned to be flexible in my teaching approach and modify as needed to ensure all my students could be successful with their classroom lessons.

Well, the same is true with the spiritual knowledge that can come from studying the Word of God.  While the concepts and principles might be easy peasy for one student, another student may read a passage and be confused because of the figurative language and expressions used in the text.

Speak to Me and Through Me was birthed through a Tres Dias Japan experience and I pray that the method of delivery in these books is able to reach all students of the Word of God. 

Misawa, Japan
Atlanta, GA

Chris Elese is an author, artist, and proud founder of CTR-Center, Inc. in Atlanta, Georgia. 

Butterflies in My Stomach is her first book. Where she chose to fearlessly release her truth through a collection of poems, prose, quotes, affirmations, and monologues. She is the epitome of a proud young black woman who chose to heal herself and others through her words. 

Chris grew up at various performing arts institutions, and still allows art to rescue her from all the world has to offer that could dim her light. She dabbles in various art forms from dance, theatre, visual arts, and more. Over the years, Chris has seen the impact of art, which influenced her nonprofit organization CTR-Center, Inc. A center for artists of various art forms to create unapologetically . She aims to provide artists with networking opportunities, resources/tools they need to create, and a safe space to do it in. A space that allows art to influence art at the rawest level. Chris lives for the facilitation of art, and aiding artists who have yet to make the next masterpiece the world is waiting to experience. 


"Do it for the love, and nothing else." - Chris Elese


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