"This is a story of survival and finding faith in spite of everything! The range of

 emotions I experienced was amazing." -Tacara London 

"All I could think was, 'She is a SURVIVOR!' I couldn't put this book down! This part of

her story really pulled me in, and left me wanting to see how the rest of it unfolds!"

 -Kizmat Tention, Author & Life Coach

"OH MY GOSH! This book is EVERYTHING!  Raw, real, full of heartache turned to 

encouragement and hope for anything you're going through!  A good reminder that

 there's NOTHING our God can't heal and we're NOT to be victims of our past! 

Definitely recommending to my friends! Thank you for your vulnerability and truth!" 
-Jennifer Zeh, RN & Nutrition Coach

"I will be adding this book to my best books I've ever read collection! It is like you see bits and pieces of yourself, and it provokes you to self reflect. I love it!!!"

-Carmen Si Young, Global Outreach Director of Pink Pearls for Girls 

"I am amazed at the wisdom that God allows the author to share through the transparent testimonies of her writing!"

-T'Sharin Moncrief, Executive Director of Women of Refined Gold Inc.

"The author does a great job of reiterating the issues that she faced in Damaged Goods therefore, anyone can join in and begin reading the From Pieces to Peace series beginning with Forgiving the Unforgivable. I thoroughly enjoyed reading this book!"

- Sherhonda Haynes

"Freedom through Forgiveness isn't your ordinary journal! It requires you to dig deep so that you will be free!"

-Janae' Lewis

"Be prepared to be uplifted, empowered and inspired to love you God's way, with this journal!"

In Memoirs of Military Wives, civilian and active duty spouses from all over the world, and various branches of the United States Armed Forces, come together to share their stories from trials to triumph. Sharing how they overcome life’s hard, and thrive as military wives.

Demi hopes to inspire readers to pray over every situation in their lives to avoid the pitfalls she experienced. This enjoyable book has 29 chapters with accompanying scriptures and powerful prayers. Demi hopes readers will learn from her mistakes and enjoy the inspiration of I Am Done.

The conversation around submission; especially in marriage, can be discomforting and can trigger emotions that leave you feeling defensive and unsettled. In Unconditional Submission, the author takes a pragmatic approach to give her perspective, and further explain the truth about submission. This book will challenge you to take an introspective look at your own life, relationships and marriage as you walk the trivial journey of submission with the author.

It's no secret that there have been significant disparities among African American military service members for decades. Wounded Warrior With Invisible Scars takes you on the journey of a young African American woman, who has served in the United States Military for over twenty years. Despite the adversity Mataya has faced along the way, she persevered, achieving the highest enlisted rank of E-9 in the United States Air Force, as Chief Master Sergeant. She has served in both the Army and Air Force, with multiple combat tours under her belt. This book was written to serve as a beacon of hope, encouragement and motivation, especially for those who feel like every storm that comes your way was sent to take you out. Please know, some storms come simply to clear your path!

Have you ever felt alone with your thoughts? Overwhelmed even? Butterflies in my Stomach is an unexpected story of love, pain, joy, excitement, uncertainty, and heartache. All told through a collection of poems, prose, quotes, affirmations, and monologues. The common unspoken words that we all want to express, but fail to have the courage to. Yet, through it all a peace lingers from the many experiences, lessons, and journeys we endure. An unexplainable calm deriving from God’s earnest strength within. Pushing feelings and thoughts into words taken form through a butterfly release.

Finding Beauty in Disaster is a christian fiction novel of resilience and empowerment. NaTasha thought she had it all until the world she once knew came crashing down, when her husband leaves her and their 3 children to be with another woman. Within the blink of an eye, NaTasha finds herself having to overcome this life altering nightmare, by rebuilding her entire life, and raising her kids as a single parent with minimal support. She finds God, and He gives her beauty for her ashes.

"Oh no!  Not another Bible study book!"  

"Why, yes!  Yes it is!! And one that will prayerfully encourage you to read more and more study books to grow in your relationship with God the Father, Jesus Christ his son, and the Holy Spirit who dwells on the inside of you."

"Are you ready for more study material of God’s word? ….No?  Not yet?  You are still processing the first volume of Speak to Me and through Me?  I understand.  God’s Word is full of life lessons and wisdom to help us navigate various situations and circumstances.  But I need you to press forward and continue to learn. Come on;  you can do this! Remember that the more you know, the more you will grow. So grab your notebook and your Bible and prepare to dig deeper into the Word of God!"  

This narrative takes place in the late 1970's. On the Westside of Montgomery, Al, but it could have been anywhere. It tells the story of a young man growing up in the projects. Raised by a struggling single mother, doing her best to keep her family together. The readers go on an adventure with R.C. as he discovers life in the midst of heartache.

Klassroom Konvos is the new Sunday night segment on WX309 hosted by none other than the smooth-talking and talented DJ Drizzle. Interviewing Ms. Myrick, a newly hired 23-year-old teacher, DJ Drizzle takes a deep dive into life lessons, experiences, and thoughts of her wise, quick-witted, and rambunctious students. You do not want to miss this captivating and hilarious Southern spin to classic teacher tales while jamming to your favorite nostalgic tunes. Join these classroom comedians as they take you on a journey you will never forget.


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