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One2Mpower Publishing LLC is a global publishing boutique; which specializes in bringing your story to life, through our dynamic publishing services. The mission is to partner with aspiring authors and empower them to share their stories with confidence. Providing quality, professional and efficient services with compassion and care.



We pride ourselves in providing cradle to grave writing and publishing support to aspiring and first time authors. The best part? We charge one flat fee for all services which means, our customers get to keep their royalties for themselves! That's right! We do the work, and you get all royalties for a lifetime!


We are a hybrid publishing company that provides, publishing services, with the option to learn the process along the way! Our services include but are not limited to below:

-Writing Coaching

-Publishing Mentoring

-Paperback Publishing Service

-Digital Publishing Service



-Graphic Art/Design/Printing

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