Well, it;s 4AM and I am awake. Confusion and gratefulness are the first emotions that come to mind. Confusion, primarily because as I look back and reflect on my time as an author, something is plainly obvious. If you haven't noticed by now, here second book; Forgiving the Unforgivable was a FLOP! While my first book; Damaged Goods, is still til this day my top seller. I find myself questioning: Was it not dramatic enough? Was it not negatively charged enough? Do people not want healing? In all honesty, I've thought about that a lot but tonight...I was awaken out of my sleep by the most comforting revelation.

While Forgiving the Unforgivable did not do well, it was only one of six books written and published by me. Had I stopped at book 2, there would be so many lives that would not have been positively impacted by my obedience!!! This is how I can still have joy!!! This is why I am so grateful for grace and mercy!!! You see, in all transparency, I didn't keep writing because I "wanted to". I kept writing out of sheer obedience to God's instruction. I wanted to give up and go another route; my own route, countless times, but the fear of disobedience outweighed my desire to give up! Who knows, maybe the "floppity Flop" was a test?! I'll never know but what I do know is that, it was an opportunity to fail forward. Now a little over a year later, my publishing company and One2Mpower as a whole, is thriving! (insert praise break)

My hope for you is that, if you are a business owner, mother, student or anyone who feels like they have failed, please do yourself a favor and learn the art of failing forward. Rome wasn't built in a day, and many successful people have failed countless times, in the exact same areas of their lives where they are thriving! Ha! I just remembered, my initial attempt at launching my branded T-Shirt link flopped even harder!!! It was very discouraging and took me two years to get it right, but now my T-Shirt line from One2Mpower is thriving too!!! Ultimately, I want to challenge you to allow your failures to be lessons, overcome them and thrive!

I am excited to announce that I have launched a limited enrollment course through my Overcome and Thrive school called Freedom Through Forgiveness: Choosing Forgiveness Over Bondage. My hope is that as you embark on your journey to overcome every obstacle in your lives, that you consider One2Mpower to help walk you through it! Don't give up y'all! This is only the beginning!

Until Next time -Robin

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