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The Void

So you’ve got the spouse, home, cars, child(ren), pet(s), career, white picket fence…everything you need and more however, you still feel at times those moments of sorrow, sadness or even emptiness if you will. You’ve got it all and yet something is missing, your heart still yearns for that “something” but you have no godly clue what it is. Sometimes it passes, and you can hardly remember what helped bring you through and others you can remember down to the detail what brought about the turning point, yet the feeling still comes and goes. This description may seem a bit dramatic to some, on point to other, and maybe something someone has not quite experienced or identified for them self yet but, one that can be used as a frame of reference in the future. Whatever the case, trust that you are not the first to experience this, and you certainly will not be the last.

I have personally dealt with this A LOT over the course of my life but more specifically, over a period of approximately 10 months. In all honesty I sincerely believed that I was happy; which still may very well have been true, but there were times that while I had been blessed with a wonderful life, I felt completely empty.

Life has so many turning points, twists, turns, and hills to climb that often leads us off course, or completely stopping us in our tracks leaving us to re-evaluate things and start over(to a degree). The latter is the path which led me from a happy, and well…empty life, to a life full of joy, peace and one that is whole.

One day I decided that I was going to totally change my life, TOTALLY! Not just a stop this but keep doing that life change, I wanted to truly be a better person inside and out. I was tired of the ups and downs that were often inadvertently self inflicted, and I simply wanted better. This meant that I needed to give myself a hard look in the mirror and be the ultimate judge of myself. As I took some time to consider myself and my ways, I looked myself over from the inside out, from head to toe literally, and determine how I could be and do better in every area. Not in an attempt to try to be perfect, but because I KNEW that there were areas where I could do better, some in which I simply was not trying at all. This meant I needed to improved my mental, emotional, spiritual and financial well-being. I rid myself of every bad habit, because with most bad habits come guilt, embarrassment, health problems etc. I no longer wanted to experience any of those feelings voluntarily. The only consequence I wanted to volunteer for was that of a good nature. I was on a journey to a life full of peace and joy…

In the process of judging myself, I realized something; well it was something that I had always known to be true, I practiced it often however, never in depth like I was going to have to do in order to truly be at peace. I realize that I was going to have to master the art of forgiving. I had to truly and wholeheartedly FORGIVE every person that I was angry with, felt betrayed or hurt by, every person that had done me or anyone that I knew wrong in anyway, everyone who I was not “on good terms” with emotionally. Whether I was unforgiving consciously or subconsciously, I had to forgive EVERYONE, INCLUDING MYSELF! This was TOUGH!!! To say I forgive you is one thing, and in some cases is just as hard as the action but, to really forgive in your heart takes a special kind of grace about yourself. Now if you’re wondering if I called up every ex that had done me wrong, or every friend that had back-stabbed me, no I did not but, it was a process that took a little time, courage, humility and prayer. During the process I had my feelings hurt a time or two however, those moments were often fleeting as I knew my heart was pure and my intentions were good. I had to also understand that while I am doing this on my time, not everyone would be willing to meet me where I was mentally, emotionally, or spiritually thus holding a grudge of their own in some cases, but I forgave anyway. As I rid myself of the negative feelings that had overcome me at the sight or sound of peoples names, and the negative emotions that came with the hurt I’d harbored consciously and subconsciously, a weight had been lifted from my chest and I could finally move forward.

Forgiveness is freeing and erases bitterness completely

As you begin to honestly work on yourself; like you work your business or your 9–5, and all is forgiven, watch how your world will turn around. Emptiness will be replaced with fullness and joy, loneliness and bitterness will cease to exist and life will be more peaceful and fulfilling. You will learn things about yourself that you never knew, build relationships with and inspire total strangers, smile more often and maybe even discover a new talent or two. Your life will be so full of goodness and welcomed energy, that you will not have room for the negative energy that people attempts to disrupt your joy and peace.

It is more than possible to focus on and be a better you while leading a busy life, you just have to MAKE YOU A PRIORITY and not an option. If you’re ready to fill the void I challenge you to take the first step today, begin considering your ways and forgiving others, and watch your life be forever changed.

Until next time.

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