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Why Not Now

Fear will paralyze you, courage will propel you toward your destiny! this quote says it all! Far too often we all ourselves to be paralyzed by fear, excuses, what ifs and the opinions of others. Do not delay your dreams, purpose and and next milestone due to a what if.

Every year around this time most people begin goal setting, planning their “New Year’s resolutions”, or putting together their short term annual to-do lists. Often making them public via social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram or Twitter, people use inspirational memes, quote and scriptures to deliver the message to the masses that as soon as the clock strikes midnight on January 1st, their life is going to change. Only to forget about that very same goal, resolution or to-do list by the 13th of February like it never existed. Now before I get too far ahead of myself, I must admit that I do believe a lot of people have very good intentions in perpetually setting these same goals year after year however, somewhere along the way they get off track. Let's face it WE ALL DO! The key is to get back on track.

Now I am certain there are thousands of blogs out there promising to help you to achieve your 2017 resolutions and what not but this definitely is not that type of blog. In fact, my goal is to help you to realize that you do not need a number on a calendar, nor a month of the year to be successful at achieving or even begging to work at your goals. In fact, YOU DON’T EVEN NEED A “NEW YEAR’S” RESOLUTION! Just a goal, a plan and some drive! Yep it’s really just that practical. You really can start now, don’t believe the hype; 2016 can still be your year, or at least the turning point to a greater season for you!

I have learned through life’s lessons that procrastination can be one of our biggest pitfalls and while the majority may disagree, setting a New Year’s resolution seems much like procrastination to me! I too have put dreams, goals and projects on hold only to have one regret, or the other dealing with wishing I had started this or that sooner. While I understand the “tradition” of “out with the old, in with the new”, I realized that it really does not make much sense to wait another month or in some cases months, to pursue your passion, quit smoking, start losing weight, making healthier choices, serve God, or save money! Whatever your “resolution”, goals or things to-do are, besides an excuse; why can’t you start working towards it today? I know we have all heard the cliche’ “everyone is not promised tomorrow(or next year)” but what about the saying “31 days from now you will wish you would have started today”? Let that be your motivation to press play on your passion, your goals, your dreams your to-do’s and stop pressing pause on yourself!

By now I am sure you have all identified your 2017 goal(s). If not take a moment and determine where you can improve upon your life. No matter how big or small, tough or simple it may seem. Use this as your goal and implement 3–5 things TODAY into your daily routine that will contribute towards your 2017 goal, resolution or to-do list. For example, say I want to quit smoking cold turkey(which I have done), I would 1) stop taking smoke breaks at work, 2) buy chewing gum, snacks or candy 3) get an accountability partner 4) get rid of my cigarettes 5)limit (eliminate if possible)time around smokers. While this is one of the tougher example it is something that millions struggle with and have no idea where to start. Some of you have more simple goals and desires like to stop using profanity, five example of things to implement would be 1) change what you are listening to(watching/talking to) 2) consider your environment(and change it if necessary) 3) choose to speak more articulately 4) choose your words wisely 5) pray about it. Of course these are all suggestions and are things that have worked for me.

31 days from now you will wish you would have started today so will you choose to press play on yourself or stay on pause, stay wanting to pursue your dreams, keep smoking, stay overweight, keep making unhealthy choices, stay double minded, or stay broke until the “New Year”? The choice is yours…until then I wish you the much success on your journey towards becoming a better version of you!
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