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Get ready to be empowered to take control of your own self-healing and total wellness! Doing your part and having a clear picture of your overall health will not only empower you to become your own best healthcare advocate, it will also motivate you to become an active participant in achieving your most optimal well-being; despite any lingering insecurities, heartbreak hangover, or diagnosis of illness or disease. You will develop practical, healthy habits to help you improve your quality of life and live the life you deserve! This journal is not your normal, “feel good” journal. Though you will feel good doing the work, this wellness journal was designed to give you peace of mind and help you track and organize your overall well-being. This journal will help you to become more empowered, self-aware, and active in partnering with your healthcare provider(s), when it comes to managing your care!

This empowering journal includes:

  • Daily affirmations/monologues/poems – Uplifting testimonies and words of encouragement to help you shift your mindset about your wellness.
  • Daily self-care suggestions – Quick and easy self-care activities that you can implement into each day, to help you become more self-confident and self-aware.
  • Daily mental wellness log – Identifying your overall mood and emotions from day to day can improve your overall emotional quotient and mental wellness.
  • Daily physical wellness log – Keeping track of your symptoms to discuss with your healthcare providers is key to identifying and developing an effective treatment plan.
  • Daily nutrition log– Logging your meals daily can help you to identify triggers for new symptoms and changes in your mood.
  • Weekly well-being diary – Logging your fitness goals, workouts, and mindfulness activities each week to help you realize your progress.
  • Weekly measurement tracker – Keeping track of your body measurements can help you to track unexplained weight loss or gain, as well as keep you on track during your fitness journey.
  • Medications lists – Knowing the medications you are taking is a vital part of being involved in your treatment plan. Update your list regularly.
  • Questions for your healthcare providers – Writing down your questions as they arise versus, waiting until your next appointment is key to getting the answers you need regarding your care!


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